This site provides the required information on installation and use of the Tempo Toolset.

About Tempo

Tempo is a formal language for modeling distributed systems with (or without) timing constraints as collections of interacting state machines, called timed input/output automata (TIOA). The Tempo Toolset includes tools (aka., plugins) designed to aid in the modleing process and reasoning about its properties.

Learning Tempo

The TIOA monograph (In its Second Edition) contains a complete description of the theory of Timed I/O Automata, the mathematical framework underlying the Tempo language and tools. The Tempo User Guide, provided with the Tempo Toolset, describes how the theory of Timed I/O Automata is formalized into the Tempo modeling language.


Tempo documentation is included in the distribution archive and can be downloaded separately from the links below

Documentation and description of the currently available plugins is included under the Plugins tab.

Download the Tempo Toolkit

The links below correspond to the toolkit distribution bundles (the current version is 0.2.4 Beta updated 2011). Bundles include the Eclipse user interface as well as the command line tool. Note: In order to run the Tempo toolkit on the target system the Java Runtime Environment (or JDK) must be installed and configured. All builds require at minimum the Sun Java JRE (or JDK) 1.5. Installation of Eclipse is not necessary.

Distribution bundles

Bundle OS MD5
Tempo Win 64 Win 7 64b 24cc1415660f77c64fbbfb05c3d75aa7
Tempo Win 32 Win 7 x86 7dd1fca50c2c9c9c4b8a0f38b34c74d8
Tempo Mac-1- OSX-Intel 2fb03c5c38595a5be43d926df64b3a25
Tempo Linux 64-2- Ubuntu 10.04 64b 2c6773bef0020bf32c35c19dc9d6e1f9
Tempo Linux 32-2- Debian 6 x86 6d1b12e07171357c9187e4b8741e16de

-1- Tested on OS X 10.6. If you tried it on a different version of X then tell us what was the outcome.

-2- Linux distribution was tested on Debian 6 and Ubuntu 10.04 LT. If you have difficulties with getting the toolkit to run then (1) check the execution bit on the tempo file, (2) check your Java version (minimum is 1.5). If you tried it on a different Linux distro then tell us what was the outcome.

Note: If you have other Java environments installed, such as OpenJDK, and have difficulties running the gui then this maybe a probable cause. If possible unisntall OpenJDK, or configure to run Tempo tools in the Sun Java environment.

Getting started documentation


Questions, comments, and the latest news regarding the Tempo Toolset can be found at the our news group.